A Taste of Our Work

What does "high proof" mean?

Proof is a term used in the production of whiskey and other spirits that indicates the percentage of alcohol contained in the drink. The process by which this alcohol is made is called distillation, which requires applying heat and pressure to the product to remove the impurities leaving only the remaining alcohol. Achieving high proof spirits requires a deep understanding of the process and commitment to the craft. In the same way, High Proof Designs understands that the only way to be at the top of our game is to constantly commit ourselves to deliver the best possible product to our customers. We appreciate that our customers are trusting us to commemorate special moments and milestones and we owe it to them to operate at the highest caliber. Just like the distiller who dedicates himself to scour over every detail and nuance to make the smoothest whiskey, we are committed doing everything we can to make sure that when you order from us you get only the best.


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