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Genuine Leather Dandelion Earrings

Genuine Leather Dandelion Earrings

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Leather Earrings, Leather, Earrings, Leather Dandelion Earrings, brown

Laser cut genuine leather dandelion earrings. I start by laser cutting genuine 4/5oz vegetable tanned leather, then add the bourbon brown color to the bottom layer. After that, I laser engrave the dandelion design with burst effect dye for the top layer. These are complete with bronze hardware and ear wires.

My inspiration for these earring is my cousin Mikayla: The Hustler - An unstoppable machine, she is the person who will grind until she achieves whatever she sets her mind to. She has one singular goal, to provide the best life for her and her family. While others are content to wait around for something to happen, she is not afraid to go out and pave her own way. I know that no matter where life takes her, she will come out on top. I hope that one day I will be able to match her hustle.

Show you're not afraid to go where life takes you with these double layered laser engraved dandelion earrings. Airbrushed with complimentary colors and a burst effect on the top layer for maximum style points!

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