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Genuine Leather Layered Feather Earrings

Genuine Leather Layered Feather Earrings

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Leather Earrings, Leather, Earrings, Leather Feather Earrings, brown

Laser cut genuine leather feather earrings. I start by laser cutting genuine 4/5oz vegetable tanned leather, then add the bourbon brown color to the bottom layer with burst effect dye for the top layer. These are complete with bronze hardware and ear wires.

My inspiration for these earring is my cousin Chelsea: Effortless Grace - Stylish, kind, humble. She is what everyone on social media pretends to be. Whether it's a simple get together, sporting event, cookout or a super formal outing, she fits right in and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. Always true to herself and never afraid to be bold, she is engaging, her style is infectious and everyone feels a little more cool just being around her.

Stand out and make an impression with these double stacked feather earrings complete with burst effect dye and bronze ear wires!

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